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You’re an expert at X: 3 easy ways to turn your knowledge into dollars

TL;DR — You’re the top 1% in your field. It’s time to turn your expertise into dollars. Not by trading time for money as a consultant or freelancer. But by building monetizable products and selling them to your audience.

You’re top 1% in your field.

Before you start criticizing yourself or brushing that comment aside, realize you’re at the top of your game. You quit your job to help people and brands with your expertise. Very few peers have the guts or expertise to do what you’ve done.

Now, you have the opportunity to stop trading time for money altogether and scale your expertise.

I know this because I’ve helped countless experts monetize their experience online and make thousands. Here are 3 ways you can start doing the same.

What are you an expert in?

If you don’t already know what you’re an expert in, ask yourself this question:

What do people ask you for advice on?

That’s your golden nugget. That’s your monetizable expertise.

This is not the time to be humble and say, “But there are people far more experienced and smart than I am.”

Sure, there are. And there always will be. But who cares?

There’s a gap in your audience’s knowledge, and you’re here to fill it and help them live better lives.

1. Write an email newsletter & sell ad spots

An email newsletter is the easiest and smartest way to build an audience. Email is the only way to interact 1-on-1 with your customers without in-person contact.

Open a ConvertKit account (affiliate link) and start collecting email addresses via your website and social profiles.

Then, email them consistently with your thoughts and perspective on the given topic.

Make it actionable and helpful. Otherwise, it’ll be too easy for your audience to unsubscribe or ignore you.

Once you have a sizable audience (let’s say 500 subscribers but there’s no set number), approach relevant brands to highlight their products or services in your newsletter.

2. Film YouTube videos & collect Ad Sense dollars & sponsorships

Turn your expertise into YouTube videos and monetize your audience’s attention.

Plus, YouTube is unique – it’s the second largest search engine behind Google. So you have the unique capability to grow your audience by optimizing your videos for sharing and SEO.

I’d recommend taking this route:

  1. Create one high quality, long-form video (~20 min)
  2. Chop your video into 10 YouTube shorts (<60 sec)
  3. Let the algorithm put your video in front of hungry viewers

And once you grow your channel, partner with relevant brands that make sense for your audience. Review their products. Add their logo as a watermark. Collect affiliate revenue.


3. Create a beginner-level digital course & sell it to your audience

What do your friends and colleagues ask your for help with? Instead of informing them one-off every time, create a digital course that explains that topic on a deeper level.

Start by creating an outline. Then write content for each section and you have a course.

It doesn’t have to be a 3-month long course or 100 hours.

Your digital course just have to fulfill its promise of teaching your audience something they want to know. Simple as that.

So which route makes sense for your personality and audience?

  1. Email newsletter
  2. Videos
  3. Digital course

Want some help building all this out? I can help you define your expertise, audience and monetizable products. Get started here.

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You’re an expert at X: 3 easy ways to turn your knowledge into dollars

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