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Stop trading time for money: The 1 secret consultants & freelancers need to get the freedom they wanted

TL;DR — You quit your traditional 9-5 job for freedom. But until you scale yourself, you’re still trading time for money. Start building an audience and you’ll finally get the freedom you quit your job for.

This may hurt to hear, but your consulting business is just a job

You quit your 9-5 to get away from a soulsucking job and salary cap.

When you began consulting or freelancing, it was glorious! You had all the freedom you wanted. You …

  • Made your own schedule
  • Charged whatever you wanted
  • Worked with whoever you wanted

It was a huge jump forward in your career and life.

But brace yourself for the truth: You’re still trading your time for money.

Let me explain.

Time is your most valuable resource. And your consulting and freelancing business costs you huge amounts of time.

  • You still have to go out and get each of your customers
  • You need to do the work you promised them
  • Your clients pay you for your time – no matter how much you charge

You can do better to get the freedom you wanted when you quit your job.

To sit on a Caribbean beach when you’re 40 years old, sipping piña coladas and making money without lifting a finger.

The next level of your entrepreneurial careers needs to scale you out of getting and doing the work.


Nathan Barry’s Ladders of Wealth Creation has the answer:

The secret: Create content, build an audience & set yourself free

The question is: How can you help your target customer without doing the work? Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Create an app that does the work itself
  2. Outsource the work to affordable Upwork freelancers and start scaling your business
  3. Templatize your work and processes so it takes 10x less time

But you have to start sending customers to your work instead of going out to collect those customers (via cold emails, door-to-door, referrals, etc.). How? Build an audience.

I'd bet on building an audience

Create helpful content for your customers by writing stuff they resonate with. Ask yourself these questions to learn how you can help:

  • What are their biggest pain points?
  • What’s holding them back from their dreams?
  • And how can you help?

Start spreading your expertise on social and build an email list. You’ll be amazed by the benefits of an audience.

You can now partner with brands and products to help your audience level up. You can offer deeper dives (like a digital course) for a premium. You can monetize YouTube videos with ads.

With an audience of just 5,000 people, you can make a lot of money each month. As long as you’re helping them grow and achieve their goals.

You’re now productizing the work you used to do. Now it just requires a cart purchase by your customer to kickstart a process that’ll help them achieve a goal.

And apart from setting up that process, you didn’t do anything!

When you quit your job, this is the life you imagined. This is the freedom you wanted.

Go enjoy your new life with unlimited time to do what makes you happiest.

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Stop trading time for money: The 1 secret consultants & freelancers need to get the freedom they wanted

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