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I used these 7 elements of storytelling to build my marketing consultancy & make 6 figures in my first 10 months

TL;DR — I made six figures in my first 10 months helping companies tell their story. Now, you have access to the same storytelling framework I’ve used to grow businesses of all industries and audiences. 7 elements. 6 figures.

A brand without a story isn’t a brand.

I know because I made more than $150,000 in my first year helping companies discover their story. And use it to grow their bottom line.

The cool thing? This story framework is applicable to all business and individuals – no matter your services or niche.

Learn these 7 elements of storytelling and you’ll have companies knocking down your front door to work with you.

Storytelling is the only way to tell your audience how they’ll transform

From the dawn of man, the only way to pass down history and culture was through storytelling.

Ancient civilizations had no other option than to tell compelling stories orally. They didn’t have books or blogs or podcasts to immortalize their thoughts.

We’ve been telling stories since man first stepped foot on Earth. Story literally pulses through your veins. Right now as you read this.

Not literally, but you get the gist.

Now, the most successful companies in the world have turned to storytelling to get their message out and bring customers in. Via their social feeds, their website, their packaging, their advertisements. Everything.

So how do you tell your audience’s story and grow your consultancy?

7 elements of storytelling & how to use them to market your business

Your character has a problem but meets you, their guide. You have a plan and call them to action, helping the character avoid failure and succeed.

7 elements of storytelling
  1. A character – Who is your audience? And what do they want? Both in life and as it relates to you and your service.
  2. Has a problem – What’s stopping them from getting what they want? How does this make them feel?
  3. And meets a guide – How do you position yourself as their guide in their transformation? How can you empathize with their problems?
  4. Who has a plan – What are the steps your audience will take to buy your service and transform?
  5. And calls them to action – What’s the obvious action you want them to make? What can you offer them if they’re not ready to engage with you?
  6. Helping them avoid failure – What negative consequences will they experience if they don’t buy your service?
  7. And succeed – The all important positive transformation. What does life look like after they buy your service? How do they transform?

Some brands spend millions on branding when it’s storytelling that brings customers in.

Run through these questions. Simplify your story so your audience can understand your service. And use this messaging in all your sales and marketing activities.

From your website copy, social media posts and blog articles to your sales presentations, talk track and cold emails.

Your audience will finally understand how you impact their lives. And you’ll profit because of it.

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I used these 7 elements of storytelling to build my marketing consultancy & make 6 figures in my first 10 months

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