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Happy with your consulting business? 2 reasons why this life-changing habit will future-proof your brand

TL;DR — Your consulting business shouldn’t feel like a job. After all, you quit your 9-5. This one habit will transform your consultancy from reactive to proactive. And increase your revenue, starting day 1.

It’s easy to be content making $5-10k per month in your consulting business.

You shouldn’t be.

Learn how a writing habit has transformed my consulting business. Like a smart car to a turbo-charged Tesla.

Start sharing your perspective & clients will beg to work with you

If you’re not posting to social media regularly, you’re leaving money on the table.

Content creation will change the way you think about your business. Because you’ll be in the driving seat. You’ll be proactive vs. reactive to the market. Gone are the days of cold emailing dream prospects and stretching the truth to work with cool people.

Sitting on the couch won’t do you any favors. When you start creating content, you’ll learn we live in an abundant world where people need your help.

Take the first step by writing online and increasing your luck surface area.

1. Social proof

No one knows you exist until you start proving you’re worth their attention.

When a potential lead views your website, they need to know …

  1. You’ve helped people like them
  2. You’ve gotten the results they’re looking for

You help {niche audience} to {successful outcome}, right? Now your job is to create consistent content to prove you’re credible. You’re an authority on all things X. You’re the go-to for X.

2. Build an audience & never search for clients again

Imagine this:

You started writing about your craft two years ago. You posted every day to social media even the smallest, simplest thoughts about your philosophy.

Nothing too complex.

You also built an email list. So people who enjoyed your social content could get even more when they subscribed to your weekly newsletter.

For two years you’ve strengthened those relationships, met people you never would’ve met and gotten opportunities you felt lucky to have had.

Now, your reputation precedes you.

Whether you work virtually from all around the world or have a strong network in your hometown, an audience transcends all borders.

An audience is the ultimate tool of credibility because people look up to you for your expertise. They’ll start begging to work with you.

Start writing today and transform your consultancy.

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Happy with your consulting business? 2 reasons why this life-changing habit will future-proof your brand

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