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For 20-something aspiring entrepreneurs: Do these 2 things before you quit your job to kill it as a freelancer

TL;DR — Before I quit my job, I wish I had spent more time planning my freelancing career. Instead I hit $10k in just my second month using these 2 principles. Oh well.

I quit my job in 2021 with zero plans for the future.

I did these 2 things to make $10k in just my second month freelancing full-time.

Copy and paste these 2 things into your life right now to quit your job with confidence and be well on your way to freelancing freedom.

1. Define your target audience before you have to

I’m going to barf just typing it, but “networking” is your key to success early in your consulting career.

Before you quit your job, you should have a good idea for the kind of people or companies you want to work with. A few quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are “your people”?
  • Who is willing to spend money on your services?
  • If they had some help, who would make an impact you want to see more of?

When I quit my job and began freelancing, I worked with anyone and everyone that came my way.

Granted, I was successful doing it. But I wouldn’t recommend the spray-and-pray strategy. It’s stressful and panicky.

Why you should get specific about your customer:

  • It’s easier to talk about your services
  • It’s easier for your prospects to know who you help
  • It’s easier to create processes and systems for similar customers
Why niche down? 3 reasons

A niche category of people means they have similar problems. It’s your job to solve them. And scale your business by systematizing (is that a word?) those solutions.

2. Understand which services you’ll provide using this quick test: Opportunity, market, enjoyment

Your mom’s words echo in your ears: “Do what you love.” Mom was right.

But there’s more to the equation.

Thinking about quitting your job to consult or freelance? You have to define what services you’ll provide to your customers.

It’s a fine balance between these 3 questions:

  1. Which services are people willing to pay for?
  2. Which services do your customers actually need?
  3. Which services do you enjoy doing and which are you good at?
How to determine your freelancing services

Now. Go ham on that one service. Don’t stray from it.

The more niche and specific you get about your audience and services, the easier it is to market yourself. And the easier people can say either …

  1. This guy is perfect for me. Where has he been for all my life?!
  2. Ah dang, he doesn’t work with people like me. I’m sure he does great work.

That’s the happy medium.

If you’re curious how I scaled my company to 6 figures in just 10 months, give me a ring. DM or email me.

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For 20-something aspiring entrepreneurs: Do these 2 things before you quit your job to kill it as a freelancer

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