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A spiky POV will make you millions: How to stake your territory online & dominate your niche

TL;DR — You won’t stand out from the crowd by repeating what everyone else is saying. Identify your spiky POV. Stake your ground. And dominate your niche.

Alex thinks honesty is the best policy.

Kim is reshaping modern management strategy with a kind, clear, radically candid culture.

Who has your attention?

Kim has a spiky POV. She’s sold half a million books, translated her work into 20 languages, and gets paid millions to consult with the most powerful companies in the world.

While you’ve completely forgotten about Alex.

Kim Scott and Radical Candor

Identify your spiky POV

Wes Kao created the idea of a spiky point of view.

Wes Kao on Twitter

She says…

We live in a noisy world. Whichever industry you’re in, there are thousands of other people like you trying to get noticed.

Unless you distinguish yourself, you’ll never get a chance to show how different you actually are.

To stand out, you need to develop what I call a “spiky” point of view.

A spiky POV is a statement about your world you’re slightly uncomfortable saying.

Something that can be debated but isn’t controversial just for the sake of ruffling feathers.

A bold declaration that makes your audience stop and think, “Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that.”

So how do you identify your spiky POV? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to say to your audience but are a little afraid to say?
  • What do you think that your competitors don’t?
  • What’s something you strongly believe that your audience doesn’t already know?

With these questions, I’ve helped creators across several industries identify their spiky point of view. Create content that resonates with a core audience. And build a following of rabid fans.

Wes Kao's spiky POV venn diagram

A real example of a spiky POV in action

I met with a recruiting company. For years they rode the middle of the pack. Then they identified their spiky POV:

“Job candidates are in the driving seat. Traditional recruitment doesn’t work anymore. To hire the talent you need, you have to bend over backwards for candidates, get personal and be faster than anyone else on the market.”

Boom. It’s extremely clear what they think about the recruitment industry and how they help employers get the candidates they want to grow.

Now they create content to help companies personalize and speed up their hiring process.

Stake your territory & build an audience

You’ve identified your spiky POV. Now start sharing it.

Stake your ground as the guy who talks about X. Who knows X like the back of your hand. Better than anyone else in your niche.

When you ask my audience what I believe, I want them to respond with a resounding “HE HELPS EXPERTS BUILD AN AUDIENCE OF RABID FANS.”

Like a rehearsed set by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir repeating my spiky POV

You don’t need a content calendar or a content strategy to establish your spiky POV. Just start sharing your thoughts on a public platform.

It won’t happen over night, but you’ll grow an audience of people saying, “Ya know, they’re right!”

Stake your territory, create helpful content around your spiky POV and build an audience of loyal followers.

The more specific you get, the better. Your spiky POV is the starting point.

Because with all the pointless noise people create on the internet, you’ll stand out.

Say no to average. Be remarkable.

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A spiky POV will make you millions: How to stake your territory online & dominate your niche

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