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5 simple website sections your consulting business needs to convert more visitors & make more money (with live examples)

TL;DR — Most websites aren’t effective. By increasing your conversion rate by just 5%, you’ll land opportunities you had always dreamed of. Implement these 5 website sections to make a great first impression with your visitors.

Increasing your website conversion by just 5% can make you millions.

But converting visitors can feel like a blackbox. A tough code to crack.

I’ve helped countless brands and thought leaders improve their websites with this 5-section framework. Once you implement these sections on your website, your conversion rate and revenue will skyrocket.

5 website improvements

1. Your hero section needs to get visitors’ attention & convert them

When your ideal customer lands on your website, they need to understand 3 things about your business:

  1. What you do
  2. How you make their life better
  3. How they can contact or work with you

Added bonus for highlighting your spiky POV and a few elements of social proof.

Beam hero section
Thanks, Beam

2. Show (don’t just tell) your audience’s positive transformation

Your audience has a problem.

Your website needs to show them what their life will look like after your solve their issue. The last line of this section from Kalyna Marketing is outstanding:

Kalyna Marketing positive transformation
Gracias, Kalyna Marketing

3. Outline your services so your audience knows how they can work with you

Like Emerald Design answers below, what do you do?

Again, what’s most important here is clarity. Be direct. Tell your website visitors your 2-3 services and how they will improve their business or life.


Emerald Design services
Cheers, Emerald Design

4. “So… How does it work?” Explain the process

Your website visitors want to know how you get them from point A to point B.

Be clear about the 3-5 steps they will take to become the new version of themselves. Otherwise, they’re left in the dark.

And no one wants to be in the dark when they’re paying you thousands.

Nu Age Marketing process
You rock, Nu Age Marketing

5. Offer a transitional call-to-action for visitors who aren’t ready

Most primary calls-to-action (like booking a free consult or calling you directly) have a high mental barrier.

Throughout your site, offer your visitors an alternate way to engage with you and remain in the fold.

For most businesses, this is a lead gen strategy. Think a newsletter subscription, checklist download or free audit.

Exchange something helpful for their email address or phone number, so you can keep the conversation going.

Pneuma transitional call to action
Good stuff, Pneuma

Notice a common thread? Social proof is king 👑

Your website visitors need to know …

  1. You do what you say you do
  2. You’ve helped people like them
  3. And you have the results to show it

If your website were a simple Google Doc or Notion with social proof, you’d still win over visitors.

Case in point:

Point Nine simple webpage
Appreciate you, Point Nine

Implement these 5 changes to your website and watch your conversion climb. Your revenue too.

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5 simple website sections your consulting business needs to convert more visitors & make more money (with live examples)

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