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5 reasons why writing online will change your life

TL;DR — I know creatorship and audience building will change your life. Because it’s changed so many lives before you. Here are five more reasons to start today.

Odds are, you don’t know all three of these names:

  • Nathan Barry
  • Rachel Rodgers
  • Tiago Forte

And frankly, they don’t care. These creators are famous in their own niches.

They have no appetite to be someone to everyone.

They went deep and narrow when everyone else went shallow and broad.

They created when everyone else consumed.

I’m a big believer creatorship has the power to change your life. Scratch that – I know creatorship will change your life. Because it’s changed so many lives before you.


Reason #1: You clarify your morals, thoughts & goals

What do you care about in this silly little thing we call life? Providing for your family? Making sure your community is prosperous? Donating 10% of your wealth every year?

I guarantee you’ll feel 10x clearer on what’s most important to you when you write about it.

Reason #2: You create more income streams

Fact: You will not make more income by consuming.

Fact: You can make more income by creating.

Sahil Bloom on luck surface area

By sharing your expertise and perspective with the world, you open yourself to opportunities you would’ve never realized. People you never would’ve met. Things you never would’ve learned.

Create online. Get paid for your expertise.

Reason #3: You impact your audience directly

When you worked a 9-5 for a company, you didn’t get any of the credit (monetary or recognition) you deserved. Even when you helped your customers one-on-one.

Too many people with high potential need your expertise to overcome the hurdle stopping them dead in their tracks. Give it to them directly and reap the benefits.

Reason #4: You set yourself free

I know how hard it is to reveal your thoughts on a public platform like the internet. But the pros outweigh the cons.

I’ve never felt as free as when I began making money on the internet.

If your thoughts scare away a small group of people, that’s okay. You weren’t meant to work with them anyway. Remember – you shouldn’t be someone to everyone.

The world is far more abundant than you think.

Reason #5: You change the world

Sitting on your carpet square in kindergarten, you learned you could change the world. Then you realized it was harder said than done.

When you start sharing your perspective with your niche audience, you shift perspectives, mindsets and ambitions. Even if it’s not what you set out to do.

I’ve never met a creator who’s regretted writing online. As time goes on, you learn and improve your POV.

Even if you don’t change the world, you’ll change yours.

If you start creating online, let me know. I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. We’re a select few grabbing the world by the horns. Gotta stick together.

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5 reasons why writing online will change your life

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