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3 ways a writing habit guarantees a full sales pipeline for your consulting business (& how to start today)

TL;DR — Most do content marketing wrong. To do it right and guarantee a full sales pipeline, you must position yourself as an expert and create helpful content.

Content marketing sucks.

So many organizations don’t position themselves as experts. They churn out stupid, useless content. Without any intention of helping or building their audience.

But you’re different.

Here’s are 3 reasons your writing habit is a boon for your consulting business.

1. Content proves you’re an expert at your craft

When your audience lands on your website or on your social profile, they want to know you’ve done this a time or two. And you have! So showing you’re an expert at the thing they need help with is a necessity.

Position yourself as a thought leader. You help {niche audience} to {successful outcome}. You want to be seen as the go-to, the subject matter expert in this category.

Helpful content with your expert POV proves it.

2. Customer stories show you’ve done the work & gotten results for people like them

What’s the purpose of your online presence (website, socials and email newsletter)?

If you said social proof, you’re right. No matter the product or service you provide, your prospects want to know …

  1. You’ve worked with people like them and
  2. You’ve done what you said you’ll do.

That’s it.

So how can you show you’ve gotten results? Write about them. Share the transformation you’ve taken your customers through.

All people want to know is:

  • What your customers struggled with
  • What the solution was
  • What the results were (with proof)

Then they’ll know whether they should spend money to work with you.

Ditch the 22-page case study. Who the heck is going to read that? No thank you.

Simply write about your past experiences.

3. You can tap your audience when you’re ready to grow

Your chosen topic qualifies your audience. If you write about how European B2B HR tech startups can start a podcast, then only people interested in that topic will follow your work. Which is great because you can be super specific.

When someone rolls off or you’re ready to grow, you can simply tell your audience through social media or your email list. They’ll come begging you to work with them.

Start by identifying your expertise & niche

Where is your expertise? What have you learned that others haven’t? And what does your audience care about?

Venn diagram of what you should be writing about

Now, identify how your answers overlap.

Create helpful content around those topics. And you’re on your way to building an audience.

Be consistent and relentless but patient. Don’t expect to go viral immediately. Your email list or social following won’t hit 10k overnight.

Building an audience is a waiting game IF you’re creating the content they want.

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3 ways a writing habit guarantees a full sales pipeline for your consulting business (& how to start today)

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