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3 simple steps to scale yourself out of your own consulting company & achieve the freedom you’ve always wanted

TL;DR — Consulting or freelancing isn’t freedom. Instead, it’s a trap. To live the life you’ve wanted to live, you have to scale yourself out of your company. Do these 3 steps to free yourself.

You’re top 1% at what you do.

Seriously. Only you and a handful of others around the world quit their jobs to consult on X full-time. That’s a big deal.

I did the same thing. But when it came to growing my consulting company… Well, it’s easier said than done.

Today, I help consultants and freelancers get their time back and grow their bank accounts by monetizing their expertise.

So how do you scale a consulting company?

I was trapped in my consulting company.

It’s nearly impossible to scale if you don’t want to hire employees (an HR headache).

Don’t get me wrong – I loved what I did.

  • The work is lucrative
  • It’s fun to have a direct impact on your clients
  • You determine your own schedule and salary as a solopreneur

But I was still trading time for money. I still wasn’t free.

So I had a choice: Continue doing what I’m doing and realize freedom isn’t an option. Or monetize my expertise in a different way.

I chose the latter.

Build an audience & create products around your expertise

Frankly, there aren’t any other sensical ways to scale a consulting company.

So how?

1. Productize your expertise

Build as many processes, systems and templates (sorry, buzzwords I know. But I can’t think of any synonyms) around your work.

Recognizing a pattern in how you communicate, strategize or execute your projects? Turn that into a template.

Then, you’ll be able to sell these templates so your customers can do the work themselves without hiring expensive consultants. And you don’t have to lift a finger for them.

Win win!

2. Build an audience

Help your target market solve their problems with your expertise. Create content on social media, your blog, YouTube, etc (wherever you feel most comfortable).

The only requirement: Start an email newsletter. An email list guarantees you have a 1:1 channel with your audience.

Social media is fickle and the algorithm can downgrade your reach at any moment. Plus, you’re competing for your audience’s attention 24/7.

With an untouchable email list, you own your audience and can contact them whenever you want.

3. Sell products to your audience

Now that you have an email list and an audience that hangs on your every word, you can sell your products. Your audience’s problems that you’re creating content for – you now have products or templates to solve them.

Examples like:

  • 11-item checklist for freelancers doing cold outreach to their dream clients
  • A digital community for painters who don’t know how to manage their finances
  • Beginner-level digital course for creative marketers wanting to learn about Google Ads

The more specific, the better.

And boom! You’ve started to make money online.

Welcome to creatorship – gateway to the freedom you’ve longed for.

Want to hear how I’ve been able to do this in my content marketing consultancy? DM or email me.

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3 simple steps to scale yourself out of your own consulting company & achieve the freedom you’ve always wanted

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