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2 reasons you should scale your consulting company (but not the way you think)

TL;DR — This is why you should scale your company. But not the way you think you should. Stop trading time for money (your two most precious resources). Start building an audience.

What I’m about to tell you may break your understanding of your consulting or freelancing business: Don’t grow your company.

I quit my job in 2021 and grew a consulting company to 6 figures in revenue in just 10 months. Without hiring any outside help.

But to achieve my goal of ultimate freedom, I’m building a creatorship business from the ground up.

Here’s why:

Creating vs. consulting

When you quit your job to freelance full-time, you wanted freedom. You wanted to choose:

  • When you worked
  • Who you worked with
  • What work you performed

Freelancing and consulting allow you to do that.

But you didn’t choose the entrepreneurial path to be a slave to your work, your clock and your clients. No.

You opted for ultimate freedom. For

When you begin creating, you’re able to get your time and money back.

1. Time

For the first time in human history, you’re able to scale your time.

You’re able to build products and sell them repeatedly without lifting a finger.

Visualize Value build once, sell twice

In a consulting or freelancing model, every client is different. Therefore, you have to tailor a solution for each problem.

When you begin creating online, you attract an audience with similar problems. Therefore, you can build a single product and sell it over and over.

Imagine getting back 80% of your week to …

E-Myth – Working on the business, not in it

So what’s the goal?

Trading time for money (9-5 and consulting) ➡️ Productizing your expertise.

2. Money

Brutal truth – You quit your job to earn more than your 9-5. But in a consulting role, your income is capped because you only have so much time to give.

Think about business in the digital age. How can you scale your expertise without trading time for money or killing yourself with administrative HR duties?

Creating online. How?

3 steps.

An audience is like your client base. Build an audience with similar problems and you have a market ready to buy form you.

All you need to do is productize your expertise and sell those products to your fanbase.

No more trading time for money. No hiring employees. No

Let’s look at the economics:

You have a following of 5,000 people across social media and email. You spend a week’s time building a beginner-level digital course priced at $499.

If just 1% of your audience buys your digital course, you’ve sold 50 courses at $499. That’s $25,000.

The numbers are insane. The internet is the leverage you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Curious how I scaled my company to 6 figures in just 10 months? DM or email me.

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2 reasons you should scale your consulting company (but not the way you think)

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