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1 simple way consultants & freelancers can ditch the golden handcuffs & get the life of freedom they always wanted

TL;DR — Let me guess: Consulting or freelancing is fine. In fact, it’s lucrative. But are you truly free? To live the life you wanted when you quit your job, you must build an audience.

Consulting is lucrative… But damn, it’s like a job

You can make a boatload consulting or freelancing. And you have! Congratulations.

But until you stop trading your time for money, your consulting career is indistinguishable from a traditional job.

Consulting and job meme

Most consultants and freelancers:

  • Sell their time for money
  • Have no automated processes
  • Don’t own any assets or intellectual property

There are a few ways to break from the golden handcuffs. To live the life of freedom you always wanted.

The simplest? Building an audience.

Build an audience & set yourself free

You’re an expert at your craft. No one denies that. Your expertise is the reason for your rise as a consultant or freelancer.

What if you began to trade that expertise at scale instead of to a one-off client at a one-off time? What if you could reach thousands instead of a couple fledgling organizations who desperately need your help?

In other words, what if you could create demand instead of responding to it?

Visualize Value build once, sell twice

Jack Butcher, a digital designer, came up with the idea of building once, selling twice.

In your consulting job, you build custom solutions for each and every customer. What if you could create a solution for many customers at once?

  • With your expertise, you can build a digital course then sell it to hundreds who need your advice and how-to.
  • With your expertise, you can write articles for an email list and help thousands improve their lives.
  • With your expertise, you can start a YouTube channel, film a video, reach millions. And make millions too.

The first step is building an audience then sharing this helpful content.

The possibilities are endless. The time to start was yesterday.

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1 simple way consultants & freelancers can ditch the golden handcuffs & get the life of freedom they always wanted

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