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1 simple secret you need to know before you quit your job & start freelancing

TL;DR — Freelancing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If your goal is freedom, realize now you can’t obtain it by quitting your job and trading your time for money as a consultant.

You can be successful freelancing. But odds are, you won’t be.

Most fall flat on their face and struggle for months (if not only a few weeks) before returning to the job market in desperation.

Believe me…

  • I quit my job in June 2021 with zero planning or know-how
  • I hit $10k/month freelancing a few weeks later in July
  • I’ve earned $150k+ in the 14 months since then

Before you quit your job, you must know this one secret about freelancing that freelancers won’t tell you. But I will!

Freelancing is the perfect start to an entrepreneurial career

You’re making the right decision.

You wouldn’t quit your job to pursue a life of freedom without the entrepreneurial drive and determination it takes. Congratulations! This is a big step.

And freelancing is the perfect start. In the first few months, I learned …

  • Which services I was good at
  • Which services were lucrative
  • Which services I enjoyed doing
  • Which services my clients needed
  • Which clients I enjoyed working with

There’s no better way to learn these things about yourself without freelancing or consulting.

The secret successful freelancers don’t want to tell you

Freelancing ain’t it.

Consultants know it. Freelancers know it. Entrepreneurs know it.

But before you experience it yourself, you have no idea. I sure didn’t.

But why? Why is freelancing not all it’s cracked up to be?

You first quit your job to chase a life of freedom:

  • To earn an uncapped salary
  • To work with the people you want to work with
  • To make a direct impact on those people and help them reach their goals faster and easier

Sure. By freelancing, you can do all these things.

But your ultimate goal is freedom.

As a freelancer, you’re not truly free. Instead, you’re bound by a clock, your work or your clients’ demands.

At one point, freelancers realize they can’t achieve their life goal of ultimate freedom by doing what they’re doing.

They have to avoid trading time for money. And start building an audience, creating content to support that audience and earning scalable income online.

How? Start here. Or DM or email me.

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1 simple secret you need to know before you quit your job & start freelancing

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